Understanding Accountcentral

Accountcentral is a very intuitive, web-based UI, requiring no local installation steps on your part, which enables you to:

  • View your User Dashboard.
    Displays, for example:

    • The details of your account and security status.
    • When you last accessed each module.
    • The latest news.
    • Your recent support requests.
  • View and update your Account details, through a series of tabs:
    • Your Personal info and contact details, together with mobile phone verification and PIN or one-time password options.
      You cannot change your username.
    • The selected Options for your account, such as the default language, time zone and similar.
    • The Change password page.
    • Your Log in history.
    • All your Tickets.
  • View the details of the selected Company.
  • View the latest News.
  • Change the selected company, if you have access to more than one.

Admin users

If you have the appropriate admin. permissions, you can in addition:

An Admin user can only edit the details and reset the PIN or password for a user that has been created within the company for which they have admin. permissions. See Viewing and editing a user’s details for more information.

The Accountcentral UI

The UI is sub-divided into a series of tabs, organized according to the type of information that they include. See Viewing and using the UI sections for more about each tab. The Dashboard displays by default when you start the UI.



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