Email at the time of #covid19: a safe way to get to your customers’ homes

If your customers can’t come to you, you go to them… digitally! Review the way you do email: from content creation to feedback management. Choose the right partner for this new adventure.

welcome home

Pack your consumer dream email!

Take care of all the contacts who might be interested in your brand.

Who is not a customer yet. You have huge amounts of data also about them, their demographic characteristics, their preferences, their behaviors…it’s time to use all this information and do it well to reach them and try to bring them on board. Now more than ever, people at home have time to make new experiences. Explore all the data and figure out how to hit them on the first try. Maybe a welcome discount can convince even the most hesitant of the customers to finally buy the latest model of television he has so longed for in the past so he can enjoy subscribing to streaming TV service during this quarantine period.

Who’s been out of touch for some time. What happened to someone who used to be a loyal customer? Take the time to study them, see if in the past you may have underestimated any aspect of your relationship and see how to resume it. You may find that you’re promoting infant formula, with convenient same-day home delivery free of charge, to customers who told you they had children more than 3 years ago.

Who keeps buying but with low spending level. Try offering him a survey, for example, now maybe he has time to dedicate to you. Understand if he also relies on other brands or better know what you could do for him to increase his trust and value for you. Maybe he’s a recurring buyer on a single product or service. He simply hasn’t had any incentive to browse your ecommerce and find out there are plenty of other purchase options for him.

Who confirms himself a Top Spender. Don’t forget them, they appreciate all your sales channels but maybe they might miss your store. Don’t abandon him, keep him engaged with communications that give value to your offer and your relationship that must continue to grow even if physically distant.

How to create eye-catching emails especially now that many brands are using the email channel to talk to their customers? How to stand out? What not to forget?

Try putting yourself in your customers’ shoes.

Think about what you would appreciate from brands in these days when moving around freely has become difficult. You might want to read…

…what interests you most

email #covid19

Emails tailored to your real needs and requirements. Collecting all the information about your contacts, processing and integrating all the data and creating a unique profile for each of them, allows you to have what you need to pack personalized emails and to address targeted audiences with similar characteristics. For example, you can decide to send special discounts on specific products to those who have concluded online purchases in the last month, changing the value based on the total expenditure made in the past.

…comfortably seated on your couch

email #covid19

Emails straight into the inbox wherever you are. Entrust your deliveries to a sending engine that guarantees maximum delivery rates and make sure that the recipients of your communications receive your messages. Ensure the support of a team of experts who can guide you in your deliverability strategies to better manage especially security issues such as DMARC.

…whenever you want

email #covid19

Emails reach you at the appropriate time. Choose email triggers that go off when an event occurs – for example when a contact forgets a product in their shopping cart when it expires – or automations that go off when the purchase is finalized to keep the customer updated on his order at every change of status.

…on the device you prefer

email #covid19

Emails built to be displayed on multiple devices without losing any items. Choose email editors that let you decide what you want your readers to view depending on the device they are using and give you the possibility to create responsive email designs to fit perfectly on any screen.

..that it’s something that gives pleasure to your eyes

email #covid19

Team of consultants that can design and realize the best email structure and the correct graphic representation of your message, capturing every nuance of your relationship, starting from your offer and the deepest knowledge of your customers.

Contactlab can offer all this

The excellent technology offered by the Marketing Cloud (smart)Platform and the team of consultants able to support you in building unforgettable customer journeys are the winning solution for you. They are the answer to your needs and allow you to tiptoe into your customers’ homes in these days of forced isolation.


You decide to stay close to your customers and continue to offer them the best customer experience possible. Support your business with constant and personalized customer engagement campaigns so they don’t feel alone in this moment of physical distance.

Contact us and we’ll see the enormous value you can get from combining the Marketing Cloud and Digital Marketing Services offered by professionals in this field for decades. Let’s try to stay close though social distancing, together we can try to overcome it in an easier way.


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