Your products: from the catalog to your emails automatically! – Send Pagebuilder Release v.1.9.0

We haven’t stopped our activity during the Summer and a new Pagebuilder feature is now available for boosting your emails. Contactlab’s email editor is enhanced to help you produce sophisticated and engaging communication, elevating it to higher levels thanks to the support of our creatives!

What can you do with this release?

You can choose to populate the fields of your email with data about your products – name, short description, price, etc.. – in a fully automatic way.


How it works

In the list of modules visible on the left of the workspace and present in the template that you gradually enrich and update with information to build your email, you will find a space dedicated to products. Step 1


Clicking on the module, it opens a window in which you can select the product code of your interest. You also have the possibility, in addition to the product, to choose the language in which you want the text to appear. Stepp 2


Confirming it, all the data related to that product, automatically appear in your email exactly in the position you have chosen in advance with the contribution of our experts. Step 3

What does it means?

From now on you can create emails with a higher level of content customization and fully automatically. Reduce time and optimize operations.

Choose texts, images, CTAs, layouts and allow your products to move from the catalog to the emails in a snap of a finger!

Call us now. The new feature is already available but it must be activated by our team of experts on the specific email template you wish to work on.



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