The Data Enrichment page

To display the Data Enrichment page, click Algorithms > Data Enrichment.

The Data Enrichment page includes:

  • A row of Category tags.
    Used to subdivide the available algorithms according to the associated data type, such as Completed orders, Customer profiles and Digital messages.
  • The All and Active radio buttons.
    Enables you to view only active algorithms, if required.
  • Algorithm panels.
    Enable algorithms to be activated, and provide:

    • A summary of each algorithm.
    • Access to the algorithm description, configuration settings and execution log.

The Algorithm panels on the Data Enrichment page may be subdivided into two groups. If relevant, the panels beneath the dividing line represent customizable algorithms, which must first be fine-tuned by a Contactlab data analyst to the relevant database, before they are made available for you to activate.

For more about deploying a customizable algorithm, please get in touch with Contactlab customer care.

Algorithm panels

An algorithm panel includes:

  • The algorithm name, for example, Customer purchase preferences.
  • The Activation switch .
    Appears green when the algorithm is active.
  • Algorithm category tags.
    Identifies, for example, the associated data types, such as transactional and/or customer.
  • The date and time of the last execution, and exit status, if appropriate.
    The exit status can be:

    • OK, indicated by a green check mark .
    • Not OK, indicated by a cross .

A gray icon  indicates that the algorithm is currently running.

  • The number of profiles that the algorithm has identified against the total number of eligible profiles that the algorithm can be applied to.
  • The algorithm Detail button .
    Provides access to the algorithm Description, Configuration settings, including Scheduling, and Execution log.