The Change password page

The Change password page enables you to enter a new password.
You must change your password at least every three months. Only you can change your password.

An administrator can, however, invalidate your password and send you a new one by email. You must then change this password the next time you sign in. See Forgetting your password for more details.

Changing your password

Do the following:

  1. Under Old password, enter the current password.
  2. Under New password, enter a new password that at least matches the security requirements.
  3. Click the Eye icon, positioned to the right of the field, to review what you have entered, and make any changes if required.
    Under Confirm new password, re-enter the new password.
    When you are finished, click Change password.
    The password is updated, and the expiry period is reset to 3 months.
    If the password you entered does not match requirements, the system tells you what they are, and you must re-enter a new password, then click Change password again.