Field settings

The Field settings page enables you to view the settings for each segmentation condition that is available to be applied when you create a custom demographic, event-based or insights rule. See Creating a custom demographic ruleCreating a custom event-based rule and Creating a custom insights rule for more details.

The conditions are configured on a customer-by-customer basis, when the system is set up. However, if you have Admin permissions, you can edit certain settings and choose whether individual segmentation conditions are available when defining rules.

To access the Field setting page:

  • Click  Settings > Segments & Plans > Field settings, near the bottom of the Sidebar.
    The Field setting page displays by default.

Field types

Segmentation conditions and the relevant fields are grouped in tables according to individual field type categories. Depending upon the number of field types that are configured, the categories are accessible either through a series of tabs, or by using the Choose field type to edit drop-down list.

The actual categories that are displayed depend upon your system configuration and the database being used, but may include, for example:

  • Demographic
    For example, the birthday, last name or email address of a contact.
  • Click
    For example, the click time stamp, identifier or kind of click.
  • Open
    For example, the IP address of the device that was used to open the message, the country code and time.
  • Sent
    For example, the Template ID, campaign ID, newsletter ID and similar.
  • Orders
    For example, the payment method, currency or user identifier.
  • Order_lines
    For example, the purchase date, quantity or price.
  • Retail interactions
    For example, the store location, the customer ID, event date and similar.
  • Delivery
    For example, the delivery recipient, ID, value and status.
  • Stores
    For example, the store location, ID, name and website.

The Order_linesOrders and similar categories also enable a range of custom field types to be defined, such as custom string and date fields.

Table columns

All tables have the same columns, which are editable as described:

  • Visible
    Select to allow the relevant segmentation condition to be available on the appropriate custom demographic, digital messages or purchases rule page. Highlighted in green when selected.
  • Field name
    The name of the field in the database. For information purposes only. Cannot be edited.
  • Display name
    The name for the field that is displayed on the relevant rule page, either in the main body of the page, or in the Add condition panel. The Field name is displayed by default. Click to edit the name as required.
    If you change the Display name, the system language settings are overridden, and the name you define appears the same in all languages.
  • Data type
    The field data type. For information purposes only. Cannot be edited.
  • Input type
    Enables you to select the input field type from those available for the specified data type. Contactplan automatically ensures that only the appropriate field types are displayed in the drop-down list.
  • Default
    Identifies the fields that are to appear in the main body of the relevant custom rule page. Select the appropriate checkbox as required.
  • Aggregable
    Identifies the fields to which operators such as SUM, COUNT, MAX, MIN and AVERAGE can be applied. Select the appropriate checkbox as required.

Once you have made your changes, click Update to save your settings.