Configuring workspaces

Workspaces are created by Contactlab. You can, however edit a range of parameters, as required.

Editing workspace parameters

To edit the available workspace parameters, do the following:

  1. Click Settings > Customers hub in the Sidebar and select Workspace.
    The workspace configuration displays.
  2. Do the following, as required:
    1. Copy the ID.
    2. Change the Name of the workspace.
      The Tier field is for internal information purposes only and is read only.
    3. Change the Logo that is displayed for the workspace.
    4. Change the Industry to which the workspace refers.
      The selected industry is the market in which your organization operates. This parameter affects the dashboard displays, analytics and KPI calculations.
    5. Change the default Time zone that is used by the workspace.
      This parameter affects the customer profile displays.
    6. Change the default Currency that is used by the workspace.
      This parameter affects the customer profile, dashboard and analytics displays.
    7. Change the Customer uniqueness policy.
      This enables you to define what the Customers section should do if the Unique customer policy determines that a customer being inserted into a node is the same as an existing customer.
      See Understanding nodes and trees for more details.
      The available options are:

      1. Block
        The insertion is blocked if the customer already exists, and an error is returned with a link to the existing customer.
      2. Merge
        If the customer already exists, the relevant entries are updated with the new data.
      3. No check
        No Customer uniqueness check is made. More than one record for the same customer is allowed.
  3. Click Update to proceed, or Cancel to abort the process.
    You remain on the Customers hub > Workspace page.