CDP series: Analysis & reports

CDP series #6

We close today the series dedicated to Customer Data Platform, the functionality that Contactlab Marketing Cloud makes available to you for effective gathering and activation of all your customer data for your marketing engagement strategies. The appointments are over but not our commitment to continuously develop new features in the coming months in addition to the skills of our experts always available to support you in creating solid and lasting relationships with your customers.

To better understand the path we have taken together so far, let’s remember where we started from: the importance of customer data and their management in successful marketing activities.

Getting to know your customer in depth and being able to analyze the results of the undertaken campaigns, is necessary to design and implement marketing strategies – and not only – customized, automated, and differentiated for each contact and then generate revenues.

Analysis & reports have always been experienced as the last step of a good marketeer’s activity. Today, instead, they are an integral part of a continuous process that has its focal points in both the analysis of the results of each campaign and the collection, processing and integration of information derived from them. These two points contribute and can make the difference in marketing strategies enabling more aware and knowledge-based choices to support at best your business goals in order to create increasingly engaging communication and business.

Data-Driven Marketing

We were saying… the data. The steps of our journey within the CDP of Contactlab have enlightened a common denominator, data and its centrality. That is, the characteristics and actions of customers and the context in which they move, necessary for:

However, the data not only are the basis upon which true knowledge of customers is based but the data also shows the result of your campaigns, i.e. what you get from your marketing activities. Each initiative generates a wealth of new information that is valuable for your learn by doing. From each activity you can gain new information about customers but also about the activities themselves. In this way you can analyze the details of what you’ve done and achieved and take advantage of it to think about the future, your marketing strategy first and foremost, but not only.

Analysis & Reports in the Contactlab Marketing Cloud

The platform offers several possibilities for data analysis, whether you are interested in campaign performance or in creating or enriching unique profiles of your contacts.


Customer BaseExplore your customer database


In addition to displaying the information of each individual profile through a dedicated card and a detailed timeline, you have access to an overview that lets you know at a glance how the composition of your customer base has changed over the last month. In just a few clicks you can not only discover the customers acquired and the new events registered but also a comparison with the previous 30 days. You can view their daily distribution and source and download details.


Target AudienceRefine your audience in real-time


Once you have identified the important features for your business or your campaign needs, you can create segments and discover their composition in real time. You can decide to identify and address two different targets with the same message. Compare them and see which one achieves the best results quicker. Check their performance and fine-tune continuously to get what you want with the perfect segment for your campaigns.


AutomationsDiscover your journey effectiveness


Access an extensive set of statistics that allow you to know everything about your flows. You can know aggregated data on your automations and filter the active or archived ones, you can find out what happens to the contacts involved in your journeys, you can view the details of each step. And have available a report in csv format with all the aggregated and detailed information.


multi-channel deliveriesCheck your deliveries perfomances


Make sure you can track the level of interest of your contacts in your brand. Get to know which customers are the most active and which are the least active and put them in groups with common characteristics, to be able to identify the movements from one cluster to another and to take actions, for example, re-engagement if you notice a risk of churn.

Equipped with dashboards and reports that allow you to constantly monitor the performance and the most important KPIs of your campaigns. Find out the status of your deliveries and the reaction of your contacts once your communications have reached them. You can learn about openings and clicks but also which links were the most popular and activate new retargeting campaigns on specific themes and audiences with higher and higher chances of success.


A/B TestTake advantage of the best performing content


Identify the ideal target audience for your campaign and create separate sub-segments as large as you like. With the support of our creativity experts, prepare different content for the same campaign. Use a/b test deliveries to compare mailings and find out which one, with the same KPIs and goal, provides the best results in order to extend the most effective communication to the entire audience.


DeliveryEnsure the best deliverability


Are you sure your communications are getting into your recipient’s inbox? Use deliverability monitoring systems able of reporting any critical issues that you can identify at first glance independently. In addition, thanks to a team of experts you can even count on a continuous analysis over time of much more detailed KPIs, identify any negative trends before they become more difficult to solve or any deviation from the expected average and keep your brand’s reputation high. Make sure that from what happened in the past you can take action to ensure that more and more communications actually reach the recipient of your campaigns.


Indirect attributionCheck which deliveries influence your revenues most


Measure the revenues generated by your campaigns. Find out which ones derived from the clicks on your message or if someone has for example only opened and read the email and anyway bought something. Knowing the impact of communications on revenues allows you to be more effective by activating more and more initiatives to make your business successful.


And that’s not all. Contactlab offers you the collaboration of a team of experts who can help you read the data and understand its true meaning. They work with you to see what information to look for and where to find it. What is most useful to your business through constant mapping of the evolution of digitization in key areas. Contactlab can become your ideal partner for 360° engagement marketing.


The benefits from Analysis & Reports in the Contactlab Marketing Cloud that can be always supported by professional services

  • Automatic reports available and accessible directly.
  • Real-time feedbacks.
  • Dashboards at a glance.
  • One single platform to aggregate and handle data from several different sources.

And more,

  • Correlation of different data.
  • Performance tracking and campaign tuning.
  • Segment refining and audience reclustering.
  • Prediction of behaviors and needs for tailored initiatives.
  • Real-time marketing activities.
  • Customization of contents, channels, journey for each single contact.
  • Retargeting for more relevant campaigns.
  • Establish lasting individual relationships.
  • Improve the customer experience.
  • Increase engagement.
  • Increase revenues.

All of this while being fully compliant with GDPR.

In general, therefore, thanks to the analysis and reporting of your marketing activities, you get two results:

  • New information about your contacts to be integrated into unique profiles enriching and updating them.
  • Important information about your campaigns to improve the quality of your activities and future strategies.

And now?

Contact us to know our CDP and the Marketing Cloud platform. In addition to the series that is coming to an end, there is much more that we can see together and tailor to your needs.

Choose the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and make data the heart of your marketing activities.
Choose knowledge of your customers as the driver of your campaigns.
Choose your strategies more consciously and get the success your business deserves.




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