Facilitates access to the platform, activates the External Identity Provider

Yes, we can confirm this, it is not an error what you read on the login page of the Contactlab platform.


external identity provider


A few days ago we opened the possibility to request activation of access to the platform via External Identity Provider.

What can you do with this release?

This new feature allows you to independently manage your company’s users within the Contactlab platform, both in terms of authentication and authorisation, through federation with your domains.

In simpler words, the same credentials provided to your users to access the resources of your domain can be used to enter the Contactlab platform, completely transparent to the user.

It is therefore not necessary to create an account with specific credentials and access permissions, directly on the Contactlab platform.

For users with the appropriate rights, when logging onto the Contactlab platform the domain is recognised as federated and redirected to your Identity Provider for the authentication and authorisation steps. Once recognition is confirmed, access to the platform is granted in real-time.




  • Simplicity and operational savings: no need to create a new account on the Marketing Cloud or Send platform for each of your users. You become completely autonomous in managing users directly on your systems, increasing your control over access, reducing your operational user management needs, and those of your users who are relieved of the burden of managing an additional account.
  • Security: more attention is paid to the authentication phase, the user is asked to remember only one credential. Opportunities for confidential data to be exchanged are reduced, as well as the likelihood that the passwords chosen are more robust due to not having to memorise a set of different passwords as it only happens once and not each time a new resource is accessed.
  • Scalability: your brand will be able to provide access to as many users as needed without any constraints on the number of users that can be served.


Contact our Customer Service to work out together which is the best solution for your needs. Although it is a platform functionality, activation is required.

Given the presence on the market of different modalities for federating users, all technical aspects need to be defined, starting with sharing the Identity Provider and the protocols you currently use, for the appropriate feasibility checks.

Don’t wait any longer, new opportunities are waiting for you!