One for Azure available in Microsoft’s AppSource

Anyone browsing for a clienteling application among those available for Azure on the Microsoft portal, can, from today, also find One.



The partnership that has, in fact, been operational for some months now, recently resulted in this very important first goal.

Contactlab was present at the Microsoft Digital Week in March 2018, where the One-Azure activity was announced. Today, we can highlight the first results of this collaboration with the arrival of One for Azure, which has officially been certified as a web app in the Microsoft marketplace.

Why does a brand choose One? Because it is an easy and intuitive tool that bases long-term customer relationships on a real and in-depth knowledge of each one of them, then makes the details available to every Sales Associate, as required. Not only personal data, but also important behavioral information related every activity between contacts and the brand… store visits, purchases, preferences and website browsing habits, churn or future buying probabilities, the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) a contact’s interest in individually tailored messages and so on.

Thanks to One, the Sales Associate has all the information they need to start a one-to-one dialog and convey personalized messages, not only through classic email and SMS channels, but also by using chat. Thanks to integrations with the most popular instant messaging apps, your brand can also reach customers through Facebook Messenger, Line, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp.

Ask for all the details, and find out just how powerful One can be, both on Microsoft Azure and as a standalone app.