A new data source for your journeys – Flow release UI v.2.37.0

From February 23rd, 2021, it’s available a new version of Flow, the Marketing Cloud feature that allows you to design your customer journeys and activate marketing communication campaigns with content, channels and timing customized for each single contact.
The release is planned between 10:30 am and 11:00 am CET.

What can you do with this release?

Flow release: sourceIn order to simplify your user experience, we have modified the behavior of the source field, which is the first step of any automation.

You surely remember that currently you can select between two types of source the contacts can come from to be inserted in your journey: real-time action or segment.

With this release for all the automations the default source will be a segment created within the platform.

As an option, you can then select a specific action as a source that will determine the real-time entry of the contact into a flow.

In addition, to provide a better user experience, the icons have been modified to make them immediately understandable.

new icons

What it means

The goal of this release is to further facilitate the creation of automations with intuitive interfaces and flows that allow you to save time in the execution phase and dedicate it to the strategic aspects of journey design. Our desire is to be a real support to your activities, the ideal partner for the maximization of your investments and the creation of new business.


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