Create welcome emails for your new contacts including them in automated journeys


In this tutorial, you will see how to create an automation that combines different steps in the same journey. As a result, you can define customer communication activities that are triggered by the actions they perform.


Suppose you want to send a welcome email to new contacts who have subscribed to your newsletter, to thank them for their interest, start to build a rapport and encourage enthusiasm for the brand. You could, for example, send the contacts an email that invites them to click a link and complete their profile. Those who complete the activity would be rewarded with a promotional code, which they can use in-store or on your e-commerce website. You benefit, because an updated customer profile facilitates more personal and targeted communications.

All these actions can be combined and included in a journey that contacts begin, as soon as they subscribe to the newsletter. The appropriate steps can be configured and automated very easily, thanks to Contactflow.

To create an automation, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the platform and select
    The My automations page displays by default, which is empty until you create new automations. Otherwise, the tabs include lists of previously created or processed automations.
  2. Click Create new automation.
    The New automation page displays.
  3. Give the automation a unique and recognizable name, for example, ‘Welcome email and promotional code’.
  4. Select the Category, then enter a Description for the automation, if required.
  5. Under When to start, select when the automation should begin.
    For this example, select Now, so the automation is immediately active as soon as it has been configured and saved.
  6. Click Create automation.
    The Automation configuration page displays, where you can create the journey.
  7. Under the External source step, click the + icon , then click ACTION.
    The Action configuration options display in the Sidebar. These enable you to configure the Welcome email with a link to the profile web page, as described in the above example. See the Contactflow Guide for more details about configuring an automated email delivery.



  1. Under the Action you have just configured, click the + icon, then click CHECK.
    The Check configuration options display in the Sidebar. Here, you can instruct Contactflow to check whether the link in the email has been clicked within a reasonable length of time. See the Contactflow Guide for more details about configuring a Check
    Now, you will determine what happens next, according to whether a contact clicks the link (the YES path) or not (the NO path).
  2. In the CLICKED path, do the following:
    1. Click the + icon, then click ACTION, to configure a second email with the promotional code.
      All the contacts who clicked the link in the first email in the time allowed, receive another email with the promotion.
    2. Under the Action you have just configured, click the + icon, then click END.
      This completes the CLICKED



  1. In the NOT CLICKED path, click the + icon, then click END.
    The journey is ended for those contacts who did not click the link in the first email.
  2. When you are finished, click Save if the automation is to be activated immediately or has a start date some time in the future, or Save As Draft if you want to edit it later.



With these few simple steps, you have automatically:

  • Inserted the new contacts in an automation that welcomes them to the newsletter.
  • Encouraged them to complete their profile.
  • Rewarded those who clicked the link with a promotional code.
  • Established direct contact between the email recipients and the brand, opening the door for future communications and relationship building.

And, by configuring the automation steps once, you have established a self-managing flow that removes the need to manually write and deliver individual communications.


For more information, see the Contactflow Guide or contact our Customer Care.