Flow Series: Receive multiple benefits from the App channel (2/3)

Flow series #2

Turn your shoppers into multi-channel customers

In the first article of the series, we saw how to guide an in-store shopper towards multi-channel experiences, thanks to Flow. In recent years there has been significant growth in the use of the mobile channel, which today has penetration rates of up to 90% (Deloitte 2019). And what’s more, recent Comscore research shows that 46% of customers are already cross-platform users and connect through desktops, smartphones and/or tablets daily.

But the most interesting data came from Comscore, in a study at the end of 2018, in which it emerged that 90% of those who prefer the mobile channel, consistently use apps. It also forecasts that by 2020, expected revenue deriving from using consumer apps will be around $189 billion.

Mobile app So, in this second article, we’ll cover customers who have already started a relationship with you online, by understanding just how the marketing automation functionality of the platform can once again support you to make the most of the opportunity that the market provides.

But we must be careful… The number of apps downloaded last year is huge, but the churn risk in the first 90 days is around 70% (Statistics 2019). The app is therefore positioned as a valid communication channel, but it is up to you to convey messages and content that are always up to expectations – personalized and timely, and that demonstrate the value of using your app.

Okay, let’s go step by step once more…

The new collection went particularly well in your e-commerce store, thanks in part to the incentive that you offered to those who subscribed to your newsletter on your site. It is now time to learn about the customer’s overall purchasing experience through a short survey and, at the same time, continue with your initial goal of having more multi-channel clients. You also now want to encourage more people to try the new app too.

From the buying something on the e-commerce site to the to discovering the app: Angela becomes more and more multi-channel

But why encourage downloading the app, when customers are already active in-store and online? Well, besides the reasons mentioned above, because, for example:

  • It opens a new relationship channel with your customers, which reaches them everywhere.
  • It provides more opportunities to vary the customers’ experiences with your brand.
  • It enables you to collect better data about your customers’ habits and behavior.

Always trust in Flow

Online purchaseAngela has bought something online and, whether she has used the discount or not, it is a good idea to thank her for her order and the choice she made, by email. Your customers need to know that after they click to pay for goods or services, the order arrives without any problems. Afterwards, send Angela a short message to begin a new journey, which will lead to her downloading and registering the app.

Always remember that thanks to the Email Designer HTML editor, you can quickly design eye-catching communications. You can, for example, create templates that not only thanks the customer for a purchase, but also recommends the new app as a valuable means of keeping in touch to always be up-to-date about the news, events, promotions, offers and special discounts reserved just for them. Personalization is increasingly the key to success: The messages, the timing, and the appropriate channel… in short, the very personal relationship with your customers.

Option a: Angela receives the invitation and downloads the app.

Wow, first goal’s been achieved: A new multi-channel customer is on board! Now you can go on with the next step of your project, and send a push notification with a link to the post-purchase survey, explaining the importance of their opinion for you. Pamper Angela a little and let her know how interested you are in her suggestions.

Leave her a few days to fill in the survey, but If Angela still ignores your request, you can make one more attempt, by sending her a new push notification as reminder.

If, on the other hand, you discover that she has filled in the questionnaire, do not fail to thank her for her feedback.

By creating consistency between the messages on the different channels, you show that you are really paying attention to her. You’re not using multiple channels in an uncoordinated way, but are creating a lasting and valuable relationship for both of you. Maybe you can reward her again with a coupon off the next purchase – this time in-store – or perhaps with payback points. Whatever you choose, the focus should be Angela.

Option b: Angela doesn’t download your app after your email.

If she doesn’t download the app, even after a few days, try once more with an email to remind Angela of the app availability, and the benefits it can provide. Perhaps she’s just busy and can’t find time. But after your second message, maybe Angela registers the app and completes the survey. Bingo: A new multi-channel customer is on board! Start using the push channel immediately, and thank Angela for her trust by rewarding her with, for example, discount coupons or invitations to special events … here, the only difficulty is choice.

If instead, Angela is keen to let you know her opinion by filling out the survey, but does not wish to download the app, you still need to show her that you appreciate her contribution. A thank you e-mail or SMS, including a reward, will show the importance of her feedback to you.

And if, despite everything, Angela doesn’t download the app or fill out the survey, don’t lose heart. Bide your time and respect Angela’s space. She could decide to download the app at a later time. In which case, you have everything in place to send a push notification and remind her of the survey again. But if she decides not to register the app, her journey ends for now. There is certain to be future opportunities, perhaps on other communication channels, to try and encourage Angela to download your app again.

And just how does Flow help you with Angela?

Here they are, Angela’s potential journeys, thanks to the Marketing Cloud platform.


And now?

Everything could just end here, but you haven’t really dealt with a very important target among your customers. In the first article, a new digital relationship was born with your retail shoppers. But it is not everyone, even after registering on your e-commerce site, who will buy something. They could, for example, have browsed online and chosen something, but not actually completed the purchase. But don’t neglect those who have an abandoned cart, they too have started on the path to become multi-channel customers, so let’s follow them! In the next article, we’ll see how an automation in Flow can continue to keep them even more ENGAGED!


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