Webhooks in Flow: A call that enhances integration with your apps

From Thursday, October 18th, you will be able to insert a webhook action when you create a customer journey in Flow.

This important new feature enhances the Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform functionality, and extends its application areas further.

Simple integration with your systems adds new capabilities that can boost your marketing performance and ensure more effective campaigns.

How do webhooks work? A webhook informs an external system that a specific event has taken place on the platform, through an HTTP notification. The information exchange they facilitate allows the Contactlab platform to interact more easily and quickly with your different applications:

  • The information sent by Flow has a standard structure, so it can be read immediately by the external system.
  • The call URL is inserted in a specific field in the Flow UI, when you add the webhook action to the journey you are creating. You can work independently of Contactlab, without the need for further support.


A practical example of how to use a webhook

If a customer completes an order, it is important that the information is immediately forwarded to your warehouse management system, to trigger the preparation of the items and shipping.

A webhook is perfect for managing this, automatically and in real-time. You create the journey in Flow and it will take care of the rest. When a customer purchases a product, the Contactlab platform communicates the data to the external system and, as a result, activates a new process.



See the Flow Guide for more details, or contact our Customer Care.