Segment your contacts and customize your message: Choose Contactplan

Why should your contacts read your messages?
Perhaps because they understand that you are directly targeting their interests?
And you, how can you be sure that you are sending relevant content to someone who is really interested?
The solution is accurate segmentation that allows you to plan marketing campaigns for specific audiences.

Segmentation should no longer be solely based on demographic data, but instead, be predominantly focused on behavioral information. Knowing your subscribers and using this information to create specific groups of contacts, who can then be targeted according to their individual interests and activities, is key to successful communications that both grab the attention of the audience and attract more customers to your brand.

Contactplan is the new product from Contactlab optimized to simply, speedily and effectively create customized targets using data-driven technologies, while taking full advantage of behavioral information and delivery planning.

Contactplan in a nutshell:

  • Everyone can create new segments, with no specific knowledge of the database or a query language required.

  • You can schedule deliveries to be made directly by Contactsend, while adding the content in Contactplan and setting custom do-not-disturb policies as required.

  • At the end of each campaign, you can view and download reports that include information about the relevant plan and the main KPIs related to your scheduled campaigns. In addition, you can easily access various dashboards, which graphically illustrate details about the database, selected segments and KPIs.

Why choose Contactplan?

  • Ease of use: The user interface has been designed so that everyone in your company can quickly and intuitively access the information in real time
  • Maximum performance: Best of breed technologies guarantee security, reliability and scalability
  • Customer event-centric: Advanced segmentation based on demographic and behavioral data, and KPIs
  • End-to-end workflow: From defining the target to analyzing campaign results, through content creation and campaign delivery
  • Analytics and scoring: Dashboards for viewing database, segment and campaign information. Insights and KPIs that can be used to better identify targets
  • Pluggable and API-based: An open architecture enables external integration using plug-ins or a REST API

What does all of this actually mean? Let’s see an example.

Chiara is a university student who loves to travel during Summer. She bought online her guidebooks and she’s packed them in the backpack. She doesn’t go on organized trips or stay in luxury hotels, Chiara is looking for an adventure. She plans everything herself and doesn’t rely on a tour operator. She books her tickets and her hotels, and plans the visits she intends to make in every place where she stops. She gets her information online, on social networks, through reading blogs and by writing on forums. She has subscribed to several newsletters, which she carefully reads. It doesn’t take much for her to want to travel again! Now, if you were the head of a travel agency, what would you do to grab Chiara’s attention and convince her that it’s appropriate for you to help her plan her next trip?

Would you send her a promotion for a nine night stay in November, at a five-star resort on an island in the Maldives, or offer her a trip to Chiapas, to discover hidden archaeological sites in the rain forest, led by local sustainable tourism organizations?

There it is. A perhaps over-simplified example, but it shows what we thought of when we imagined Contactplan. Using segmentation means that you can use all of the available data to plan customized communications.

Find out everything about Contactplan in the dedicated section, or contact us and we will share with you why Contactplan is the only right choice for your marketing campaigns.