Manage important team-related security issues in one place


In this tutorial, you will learn how use Accountcentral to view and manage potential team-related security problems.


If you are an Admin user, such as a team leader, Accountcentral enables you to view and manage the details of individual team members, as well as monitor important security-related issues. For example, the Team > Issues page, which is only available to Admin users and to the Customer Care, displays a summary of potential security problems associated with individual team members.

To access these details, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the platform and click the Team tab in the Control bar, at the top of the page, to access the Team
    The Users page displays by default, where you can view and manage the details of all team members.
  2. Click the Issues
    A read-only list displays, showing the Name, Surname, Email and Username of the individual team members who have a potential security issue.
    The Issues column, positioned to the right of the page, displays a short description of the problem.

  1. There are 3 kind of problems:
  • User suspended.
    The user account is currently inactive and needs to be reactivated by the Customer Care.
  • PIN not active.
    The PIN sent by email has not been activated.
  • Password blocked.
    For example, the current password has expired.

More than one issue can apply to a team member. For example, a user could have an inactive PIN and their password could be blocked.

This type of information simplifies teamwork. For example, if a user has sign in problems, the team leader can use the Issues page to review the situation and, in just a few steps, potentially resolve any questions.

See the appropriate page in the Accountcentral Guide for more details, or contact our Customer Care.