Contactlab platform becomes even more secure through a new access control procedure

The Contactlab Engagement Marketing platform increases account security through the introduction of a new procedure, which regulates and limits failed sign in attempts.

After the fourth consecutive sign in attempt with the wrong password and/or username, the user can try a fifth time, using a page that has an additional CAPTCHA verification panel.

If the CAPTCHA is satisfactory, but the fifth access attempt is incorrect, the account will temporarily be locked for five minutes. The account is then unlocked automatically, and the user has five more sign in attempts available.

If, after five more attempts, the user still has not signed in successfully, the account is locked again, but for longer this time.

This procedure can be carried out five times, meaning 25 sign in attempts in total, with an increased locking period after each group of five. If the user still has not signed in successfully after the 25 attempts, the account is suspended. Then, it can only be reactivated by either Contactlab Customer Care, or someone from the relevant company with admin. permissions.

The release takes place on Thursday, March 1st, 2018, between 11.30am to 12.30pm.