New Release: Contactplan 1.8.0

The new Contactplan 1.8.0 is available from October 4th, 2017, and includes some compelling new features to enrich the product.

The most important ones are:


Improved integration with Contactsend
New information is available in the Contactlplan UI: The ID and name of a filter created as part of a plan. The ID, name and state of deliveries associated with a filter created as part of a plan. The state (locked, unlocked, unknown) of the UserDB associated with Contactplan. A locked DB can be used within Contactplan, while filter creation and/or deliveries will be carried out once the UserDB is unlocked.


User Interface improvements
The ability to delete or reopen a plan is automatically unavailable, when it is associated with an ongoing or completed delivery. This preserves the integrity between Contactplan and Contactsend, especially with regard to DND Policy management.



New information in the Plans list
The Plans list displays additional important planning information: Created by, used segment, DND policy selected.




See the dedicated section to find out all about Contactplan. Or for further information, contact Contactlab Customer Service. Don’t wait any longer!