New release: Contactplan 1.9.0

The new Contactplan 1.9.0 is available from October 19th, 2017, and includes some compelling new features to enrich the product.
The most important ones are:


More rights for Admin users

Admin users can delete all events previously stored in Contactplan, according to their type or category, except for Digital Messages events. For example, Admin users can delete all ‘purchase’ or ‘have an order line’ events. This is particularly useful when you need to redo a data ingestion in Contactplan, or in Contacthub with the data synchronized in Contactplan.



Tags-auto and tags-manual values available as individual values

Customers that use Contacthub can now find all values inserted in the tags-auto and tags-manual arrays available for segmentation in Contactplan individually, instead of being shown as a pipe-separated string of values.



Better calendar usability

The Plan calendar view loads even quicker, to display all plan target dates with the appropriate Ready, Draft, Error or Archive status.




Improvement in test emails

Test email deliveries generated by using the ‘write your own list’ option in the Create a new delivery wizard, have been enhanced to further ensure that they are sent correctly.



See the dedicated section to find out all about Contactplan. Or for further information, contact Contactlab Customer Service.