New release: Contactplan 1.6.0

The new Contactplan 1.6.0, released in July 2017, includes some interesting features that enrich the product.

The most important are:


Top or Least contacts in segments: You can now select the first or the last contacts who have made a purchase in a timeframe, for example, in the last week, or from a given date.


Optimized Plan management: Improvement in handling of several plans with the same execution time and improvement in handling of modifications done while plans are in the processing phase.


Threshold query improvements: You can now set up queries, for example, to select contacts who have purchased premium products with a value greater than 100 euros, for more than 50% of all purchases they have made.


See the dedicated section to find out all about Contactplan. Or for further information, contact Contactlab Customer Service. Don’t wait any longer!