New release: Contactplan 1.5

On May 31st, 2017 Contactplan 1.5 will be released. Deploy is planned starting from 2.15PM and up to 3.15PM CEST.

A quick look to the main new features in this release:

Top/Least subscribers by metric

You can extract subscribers with higher or lower overall spending levels within a given time frame from a database or segment. Other metrics will be available in the near future.

Contacthub retail events now available in Contactplan

Retails events stored in Contacthub can now be used for segmenting in Contactplan. For example: “all subscribers who have been invited to the Cocktail in the showroom but did not show up”.

Plug-in: multiple keys for purchase data files

The processing of purchase data from external files now supports multiple fields as the primary key. For example, a file related to order_line can have the order_id and order_line_id field combination as the primary key.

Pagination in segment and plan lists

Segment and Plan lists are now paginated, for a better user experience and faster loading times. You can also decide how many items are shown per page.

No out of services will be caused by the deploy. As precautionary measure, it is suggested not to operate on Contactplan or Shapemailer during the update. Please perform logout or login after the deploy is ended to enjoy the latest UI.

For a complete list of all features, improvements and fixes, you can read the full changelog of the new version.