New release: Contactplan 1.9.7

The new Contactplan 1.9.7 is available from December 4th, 2017, and includes some compelling new features to enrich the product.
The most important ones are:


New time zone management

Rather than using offsets, you can now define the time zone and geographical region by applying a single setting. For example, you can now set the time zone to ‘Europe/Rome’, or ‘Europe/London’, rather than the current ‘UTC+01’ or ‘UTC 00’ labels.

The new time zone management setting also automatically applies the appropriate daylight-saving, according to the selected location.

Existing plans will display any offset that was saved in the current notation as, for example, ‘UTC+N’, in the international standard of ‘Etc/GMT-N’. Please note that this international notation uses a minus sign where the offset used a plus. So, for example, the current plan’s notation of ‘UTC+01’ becomes ‘Etc/GMT-1’.
Daylight-saving is not automatically applied to plans with a time zone expressed as ‘Etc/GMT+N’ or ‘Etc/GMT-N’. To have daylight-saving applied automatically, the offset must be, for example, in the ‘Europe/Rome’ form. To achieve this, you can re-open and edit your plans and recurrences as required.


 Improved integration between Contacthub & Contactplan

The following only applies to customers with Contacthub.

In Contactplan, there are five fields where information about product classifications can be saved. Usually, these fields are labelled ‘product classification 1’ through to ‘product classification 5’.

In certain scenarios, depending upon the sources that store product information in Contacthub, product classifications were not hierarchically defined. This meant that products belonging to the same classification, for example, ‘Men’, might have had this value stored in any one of the five product classification fields. As a result, segmentation could become very complicated.

To improve this situation, all the different classifications that are assigned to products are now displayed as multi-selection checkboxes. These enable you to select a product that has all the classifications, or any of the them.
However, any existing segments that include conditions applied to any of the product classification fields must be manually edited and updated.


See the dedicated section to find out all about Contactplan. Or for further information, contact Contactlab Customer Service.