Real-time email rendering in Contactsend

Testing email previews on mobile devices, various mail clients, and webmail are very important tasks that often take time. That’s why we’re introducing the new real-time rendering feature in Contactsend.

With it, you can check exactly how an email will be displayed in a range of desktop or mobile mail clients, as well as the most popular webmail apps, using various operating systems, in just a few seconds… direct in the interface, and without doing a test delivery or using any external tools. You can do all this during the email creation process and, as a result, save yourself  a significant amount of time and effort.


You can generate previews from various parts of the Contactsend interface:

  • From the Create section, when creating a new email.
  • From the Communicate section, before confirming the delivery.
  • From the Campaign Archive in the Analyse section, where you can display previews of messages that have already been sent, or recreate an email, if required.
Preview display in the Create section

The new Create section functionality enables you to test how a message will be displayed while it is being created, without sending test emails. And, if anything needs correcting, you can make the changes direct in Contactsend.  As a result, you no longer need to continuously cut and paste content into external applications to make updates, and then generate a new preview to see the results.

Once a preview request is made, thumbnails of the email are produced for different clients… usually within a few seconds. You can also refine the client previews that are generated, by choosing just those you want to see, using any combination of desktop, mobile or webmail filters. If, for example, you are only interested in previewing the results for specific devices or operating systems, you can simply select one or more clients from the drop-down list.

Clicking on any thumbnail displays it at the actual size. Depending on the client, you can view the message in a variety of ways, for example, by removing the images, or by viewing the result when a mobile display is rotated to a  horizontal position.



You can even try this new Contactsend functionality, without needing it to be activated. In fact, every customer has ten free previews available. And, once these are used up, you can opt to take out a subscription to continue using the service. For more information about pricing and the ways to subscribe, contact your usual Contactlab representative or our Customer Service.