New rules for uploading images to use in emails

upload limitsIn a recent article, we talked about the weight of images used in emails, because you should always pay attention to the images you choose. Files that are too heavy, stored on external servers, require long download times when the email is opened. This means a bad reader experience and an excessive and unnecessary consumption of gigabytes, which adds no value to the quality of messages, especially on mobile.

In order to continue optimising emails creation and delivery and the customers experience, we have provided for few characteristics that the images must have, so that they do not have a negative impact on the quality of the messages.

Starting from August, it will be possible to upload to the image repository for email content – via direct ftp or sftp access – only files no larger than 10 mb. This will be in line with the limits already existing when using the html editors, see PageBuilder and Email Designer. For these, the maximum weight of an image is set at 2 mb, while for other types of file it is 10 mb.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that you should only upload reference files for your email content in the space mentioned above. In particular, we recommend that you DO NOT upload sensitive data – such as csv, xls, etc. files –  as this repository is a public space and dedicated to static content.

For any request for information or support, please contact Customer Service.