Does Chrome block http elements in https environment?

Google Chrome has just announced that it is increasingly putting in place strict security and content protection policies. This time we are talking about so-called mixed content.

What is mixed content

You come across mixed content when trying to load a web page where there are resources either through a HTTPS – and therefore protected – or an unsecure HTTP connection.

Chrome is progressively starting to allow only secure resources to be uploaded – and indeed downloaded – mainly images, but also video and audio. From now on, the alerts we’ve been used to will no longer appear, but the pages will simply not be loaded completely.

It may therefore happen that using Chrome you will run into display problems that may be significant and even if you have an SSL certificate.

What to do if your email templates contain content that is called in HTTP

When you create an email using the Contactlab editor with the Chrome browser, if you do not see some images, remember mixed content.

Even though the platform is in HTTPS and it has the SSL certificate installed, you will encounter display problems if you insert HTTP resources into your templates.

The suggestion is to change the Allow Unsafe Content settings in your Chrome browser to continue working on your email campaigns.



Unsafe contents NOT ALLOWED



Unsafe contents ALLOWED