Flow Series: And what if it’s an abandoned cart? (3/3)

Flow #3

Turn your shoppers into multi-channel customers

Do you know that brands in the consumer world, which have implemented marketing automation solutions, and rely on automated flows for the management of their communication activities, report significant and constantly increasing conversion rates for abandoned carts?

Abandoned CartIn previous articles (p.1; p.2), we have seen how to convert customers from in-store to online purchases as well, starting a new relationship as a result, then guide them to register your new app and complete a short survey. Now is the time to look towards people who have not fully completed an online purchase. Indeed, according to Statista, 69.53% of customers leave their cart abandoned.

And increasingly, research shows that time is the key factor in converting the undecided. Multiple studies have shown that if emails are sent within 20 minutes of abandoning a cart, average conversion rates are around 5%, whereas a delay of a day reduces this figure to about half.

As result, it’s easy to guess the role that can be played by automation: Automated emails can help you be in time.

And if on one hand, you can rely on Email Designer to create personalized, attractive and effective emails, you can trust Flow to generate automated journeys to deliver your message easily and just at the right time, on the other.

From abandoned cart to a new customer: Let’s retrieve Angela

Abandone cart conversionThe new season is going very well but, as sometimes happens, a few customers abandon their cart before completing an online order. Perhaps they were disturbed by something more urgent? Or maybe they were looking for more information before buying? Whatever the case, you should try to convert them into sales fast, while your e-commerce store is still fresh in their memory.

And, in addition to increasing sales, there may also be other reasons for you to follow up abandoned carts and act promptly:

  • You demonstrate a high level of customer service, for example, by asking them what you can do to help them.
  • It allows you to stay in touch with more customers and reassure them that you are interested in them.
  • It can give you information on why customers do not buy and suggest initiatives to reduce abandoned carts in future.

Rest assured, Flow can be at your side in this case as well. When customers like Angela spend time browsing your online store, adding products or services to their cart along the way, before failing to complete the purchase, they must immediately be inserted in a journey that will guide them through retrieving it and completing their purchase, perhaps adding new items as well… Always with the assurance that if a customer completes the order in the meantime, they will be automatically be removed from the journey.

The first thing to do about an abandoned cart is send an e-mail, with personalized content that is tailored exactly to the customer’s needs. You could, for example, insert a link to a short questionnaire, if you want to discover the reason for the abandoned cart. But if you believe the customer would be more receptive to continuing to buy by showing associated accessories or services, then there is no reason not to do so. And, of course, you could always encourage the customer to continue by reminding them of an unrepeatable special offer, or low stock levels of the items.


Option a: Has Angela completed the purchase?

After receiving your reminder, Angela completed the purchase, perhaps even adding other items along the way? Perfect, the goal is achieved, and an in-store customer has just entered the online world.  Now, her journey with you can continue by following experiences such as those already seen in the previous articles (p.1; p.2), starting from a thank you and an email to confirm the order.

Option b: Has Angela left an abandoned chart?

If nothing happens following your reminder, you can always send Angela a new message, for example, to remind her of the cart’s expiry date. One last attempt, before leaving Angela until she becomes part of her next journey.


And just how does Flow help you with Angela?

Here they are, Angela’s potential journeys, thanks to the Marketing Cloud platform.



And now?

Everything could just end here, but there are so many other happy experiences your contacts can have, thanks especially, to cutting-edge technological support. You are only at the beginning of the relationships with your multichannel customers, so don’t waste any more time… immediately create a new journey and options to keep them even more ENGAGED!


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