Contactsend SmartRelay available in the Azure Marketplace

Contactsend SmartRelay on Azure


SmartRelay is one of the main components of Send, the sending engine for digital multichannel communication campaigns of the Contactlab platform.

Thanks to the partnership with Microsoft that began a few years ago, SmartRelay is now present in the Azure marketplace, available in most countries around the world. It can be obtained in self-provisioning mode making a request directly in the portal, selecting the desired version according to the number of users you wish to address.

SmartRelay is a SMTP relay service for optimising transactional and service emails. While keeping the advantages of a simple and standard SMTP interface to create and deliver emails, it provides all the benefits of a professional solution thanks to the presence and guarantees that a brand like Contactlab offers its customers.

It works as a gateway between your application and the final recipient. It accepts messages on a customer-dedicated SMTP listener and Contactlab’s high-performance messaging subsystem.


Azure Marketplace

Why Contactsend SmartRelay

You’re probably already using a SMTP relay to send service emails. Think abandoned cart notification, password recovery or order confirmation. And maybe you also have a website or a CRM that generate emails automatically. But are you sure your communications are reaching the inbox? Do you have the necessary skills to develop clients or a technology that gives you maximum sending capacity?

SmartRelay is the solution, it allows you to overcome doubts like these and make sure that your ecommerce customers receive, for example, confirmation of their purchases, thus maintaining the credibility of your brand and the quality of your service.

  • Email authentication: if you are sending large volumes of emails, you should adopt an authentication system to prevent the major mailbox providers from downgrading your emails.
  • Feedback: the more information you receive about the status of your sent emails, the more corrective action you can take and the more likely you are to reach the inbox.
  • Suppression lists: You can optimise your activities by avoiding contacting non-existent email accounts or users who have reported your communications as spam.
  • Feedback loops: thanks to the availability of an automatic service, mailbox providers inform you of any customers who report your emails as unwanted.
  • Bounce management: delivery errors must be handled automatically to comply with proven best practices.
  • Automatic detection of syntax errors, reducing the chance to send emails where address errors are detected.
  • Delivery confirmation to know when and how often a contact views a particular message.
  • Tracking links within email to monitor whether deliveries are impacting or have impacted revenue.
  • Statistics: accessing reports and dashboards around all your data, you can understand emails behavior, learn from the past and accelerate your business.

Choosing SmartRelay you ensure high delivery rates of your emails, that your reputation remains intact and the right information about your campaigns to recover if something has gone wrong. All with the added value of a scalable service that supports GDPR compliance.