Put data at the center of your strategies and create formidable customer experiences

In times of pandemic more than before, consumers are proving to be demanding. They demand special attention and this does not spare the world of marketing communications. Increasingly, you’ll find them active on multiple devices at the same time, constantly solicited by brands. They have to decide who and what to focus their attention on and you have to make sure that you are their choice.

That’s why more and more marketeers – and not only, to tell the truth – put data at the base of their decisions. Starting from data means acting following indications that emerge from knowledge and experience.

If, on the one hand, it is necessary to consider and centralize the customer and all the information he generates, on the other hand it is necessary to make good use of past teachings, that is, to learn from what has already been done in order to prepare for the future.

This is how communication strategies are born, which are the result of the analysis of each individual consumer with their own characteristics, needs, preferences and propensities, and the continuous refinement of engagement marketing activities carried out in the field.

This is where the Contactlab Marketing Cloud comes in, addressing both aspects and providing you with the tools to get what you need and guide you in this direction.

The tools that the platform puts on the table for your marketing communication strategies

Single Customer View

The Customer Data Platform we offer, allows you to get profiles for every single contact. These are single points where you can collect in an organized and structured way the information they provide you and all the footprints they leave every day scattered here and there. Integrate everything about them in one place and create unique views for each one. You can attribute to a single profile all the data declared when filling in a form, on the preference center, talking with your customer service, or even the reactions to emails or SMS you send, the navigation behavior on your website such as the pages visited, the products or services put in the cart and all the details regarding the transactions completed. And not only online data but also offline data such as those managed in your stores. Moreover, with the support of our analysts, with simple standard algorithms or with customized ones, designed together and tailored to your business and your needs, you can process all these data and bring out new ones otherwise invisible: the email engagement index, the customer lifetime value, the RFM are just some examples. This is all information you can use to get to know your contacts better and design personalized campaigns for them, creating clusters and targeting them with journeys based on the themes, times and methods that best suit each individual.

A/B testing and customer journey splits

With test deliveries, you can verify the effectiveness of your messages before it’s too late. Decide to send multiple variations of the same campaign to part of your audience and only the one that gets the best results will be sent to the entire target audience so you get right to your contacts and maximize each send.

Dato al centroOr you can design automation by creating different, parallel streams at any point in the journey. You test them and choose the most efficient one to reach your goal, blocking the others. Think about your Christmas fundraising campaign, for example. Before launching it all over the place, you can check with your most loyal donors which message is the most interesting among interviews with doctors and health personnel, and testimonials from patients and relatives. Or for discounts and promotions you can use two different senders: the store where your contacts buy most frequently, and an email address created specifically for the occasion.

Campaign feedback and deliverability reports

Monitor KPIs and view statistics on deliveries. Check the delivered and undelivered emails, the causes of non-delivery – inbox full or non-existent, unable to contact the server, etc., the number of opened communications or clicked links. Get the CTOR index – click to open rate – to understand the interest towards the proposed contents. View the trend of shipments in the last month. See who decided to unsubscribe or considered your activity an abuse; check the behavior of different mailbox service providers when receiving your emails. You’ll see that not everyone reacts the same way and that you may need to take some action. With the cooperation of our experts, keep your reputation high and ensure the best delivery rates by also adhering to winning practices such as DKIM, DMARC, SPF. Download the user lists and get all the details of the campaign carried out.

Dato al centro

Audience Effectiveness and Revenue Attribution

The platform provides self-service tools to know the returns on shipments. You can measure the impact of communications on the purchases of the contacts included in your targets. Understand which activity has been most successful and check if the most purchased product following the mailing is the one proposed in the newsletter. By consulting the top 5 best-selling products, you may even have some surprises!

Compare in a few clicks the performance of your segments by viewing them side by side, check which one has brought more results and determine the influence of your planning on the sales of products or services on time. Build your audiences and plan your campaigns. Once executed, use the available dashboards to understand the total number of contacted users, influenced customers, and the value of influenced revenue. Then view charts showing the distribution of revenue over the chosen time period.  Find out how opens and clicks influenced purchase behavior and revenue.


Influenced rev

Contact us now, our skills and our experience can be at the service of your business to learn from the past, know more about your consumers and together set up communication plans to support and boost your business and your revenue.