Securely verify your sign in credentials with just an SMS


In this tutorial, you will see how to safely and securely verify your sign in credentials, when required, using a one-time password.


In certain circumstances, the Contactlab platform might ask you to verify your access credentials when signing in. This is done to avoid unauthorized access and to preserve the integrity of your account details.

Verification can be done either with numbers from your PIN, or if you choose beforehand, by using a one-time password (OTP) which is generated in real-time and sent by SMS to your verified mobile phone.

This is how you set up and use OTPs:

  1. Sign in to Accountcentral  and click the Account tab in the Control bar, at the top of the page.
    Here, you can see all the details about your account.
  2. Click Personal info, if the page is not already displayed.
    Your security mobile phone number needs to be verified before you can use it for OTPs.
    The Contacts > Security mobile phone field displays whether this is the case.
  1. If you have not already verified your mobile phone number, under Contacts, do the following:
    1. Under Security mobile phone, enter the appropriate number.
    2. In the Mobile phone verification panel, check that the correct mobile number is displayed, and click Send code.
      An SMS with a verification code is sent to the number.
    3. Enter the code in the displayed form and click Confirm.
      The phone number is verified.
  2. In the Use a One-time Password sent by SMS panel, toggle the switch to enable the OTP option.
    The switch turns green when OTPs are enabled.

  1. When you are finished, click Save.

In future, the Contactlab platform will send an OTP by SMS to your verified mobile phone, if you need to confirm your access credentials when signing in. Enter the password in the appropriate field if asked to do so.

An SMS can take some time to arrive for various reasons, but especially if, for example, you are roaming.
If you enable one-time passwords by SMS, you can no longer use the verification by PIN option until you disable OTPs.

See the Accountcentral Guide for more about using a PIN and OTPs or contact our Customer Service.