Optimized journeys for your transactional campaigns

A new Flow version is available from April 12th, 2019, and it includes some new features that enhance the module.

What does this release enable you to do?

You can further refine the variables that include a contact in a specific journey, or which exclude them from it.
For example, you can select whether the automation you are creating should also include contacts that:

  • Are on a suppression list (blacklist).
  • Have a subscription field (CLS field) with a value other than 1.


Simply select the Don’t check exclusion list checkbox on the New automation page. As a result, all the contacts that are registered in Hub and who meet the other conditions set for automation, will be added to the journey and receive the relevant communications, even if they are on a suppression list or have unsubscribed.

The checkbox can be enabled:

  • When the journey is being created.
  • Later, by returning to the  to the New automation page.
    In this case, the option will only be valid from that point forward.

What does this mean?

The new functionality is particularly valuable for service journeys, in support of transactional email and/or text message deliveries. For example, when you need to create an automation that helps manage abandoned carts, or to complete an online purchase.

See the Flow Guide for more details or, if you have any questions, contact our Customer Service.