New release: Contactplan 1.2

On December 1st, 2016 Contactplan 1.2 will be released. Deploy is planned starting from 2.30PM and up to 3.30PM CET.

No out of services will be caused by the deploy. As precautionary measure, it is suggested not to operate on Contactplan or Shapemailer during the update. Please perform logout or login after the deploy is ended to enjoy the latest UI.

A quick look to the main new features in this release:

Alternate text and labels

When creating a campaign from the Contactplan web interface, you can now fill in a plain text version, and apply labels to the campaign.

Improved error notifications

If an error occurs in the time frame between the plan closing and the sending date, it is immediately displayed in the user interface. If the user is not logged in, the message will be automatically shown at his first login.

“LIKE” option in multiple choice fields”

When creating a segment, multiple choice fields now have the “LIKE/NOT LIKE” option, to easily select all items containing (or not) that term.

For a complete list of all features, improvements and fixes, you can read the full changelog of version 1.2.