How Contactsend integration with Facebook Lead Ads can help you?

You can collect leads with a Facebook Lead Ads campaign: with the integration with Contactsend you can superpower your strategies for gaining new customers and increasing your business immediately. Following up quickly and effectively can make the difference between a mere lead and a future customer.

The 5 use cases below explain you why integration is the best choice for your Facebook Ads campaigns. Leveraging on Contactsend you can:

1. make your campaign more efficient: simplifying leads collection across any device. Your brand can connect to people anywhere and anytime during their daily social network usage. For instance, John is coming back home from work and he is stacked in the underground. It’s close to dinner time and he needs to go to the supermarket. While he is on Facebook, he receives the lead ads of his favourite store with an interesting offer. John seizes this opportunity submitting the ad, downloading the coupon and going shopping.

2. reach new audiences to expand your database reducing cost per leads: acquiring new customers. Thanks to the huge number of Facebook subscribers and active users, you can generate new leads and grow your database while optimizing your investment in digital communication. Linda is English, she moves to Madrid and she updates her Facebook profile sharing this news with her friends. After some days, she starts searching on internet for a Spanish course and she receives a lead ad. She submits the newsletter to better know the brochure and few emails later, she registers to the beginning class.

3. connect with your engaged as well as with dormant customers: driving customers to conversion through precisely targeted marketing campaigns You can be more effective in digital messaging using an accurate targeting strategy based on each customer journey. Reinforce your communication and retain or re-engage your customers. Philip likes automobile sector and he is always updated on the latest technologies and new models. He bought his car 5 years ago and a day he receives a lead ad with a free test drive. He tries the car and he feels highly satisfied. Therefore, he persuades himself that it is time to buy that one.

4. enhance the quality of your database by capturing data that users shared directly on their Facebook profile: improving quality of your contacts. One of the main issues in digital campaigns is the availability of the right data to deliver the correct message. A great solution could be to ask it directly to the user. It’s almost Summer and Jane would like to book her holidays with her family. She receives a lead ad promoting a team of experts for planning together the trip. Before submitting the request of an offer, she has to provide to the brand some information such as: 3 favourite destinations, preferred travelling period, travel style, numbers of passengers, age.

5. let your leads be immediately actionable: accessing leads in real time for next marketing campaigns. Researches suggest that your prompt follow-ups enhance the interest towards your brand. It becomes essential to have leads available in real-time. Anna got engaged with Robert, she starts posting and sharing photos of her ring. Finally, she decides to update her status. While she is looking for her wedding dress with her best friend, she receives 2 lead ads from her favourite brands. She downloads both their catalogues but only one sends her a “welcome message” with a new CTA. While the other brand calls her back in 10 days, Anna has already bought her wedding dress.

To sum up:

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