Fresh news for the Email Designer editor

Two important news for the email editor available in Send. Two new features that help to simplify the user experience on the one hand, and offer increasingly attractive emails on the other.

Digital communication is becoming more and more central to companies’ marketing activities. It’s fundamental for many brands being able to count on tools that are easy and fast to use but at the same time enhance the final result. So many small features that make the editor great!

What can you do with this release?

Content area alignment

With a single mouse click, you have the ability to change the alignment of an element in your template as you wish. Going to the settings, once you’ve selected the width of the area you’re working on, you can also decide on the horizontal alignment for a great final view.


ED: Area alignment


Reverse stack on mobile

This is an option that allows you to change the layout of the elements in your blocks on your mobile device. In fact, you can decide to stack them in reverse order, leaving the visualization enjoyment unchanged.



An Agicom study (2020) shows that monthly mobile data traffic consumption has increased significantly in recent years. We are talking about +441% from 2016 to 2020. If we cross this figure with another equally interesting one, which in 2022 will see the number of email users around 4.3 billions, we immediately understand how a different way of enjoying content is emerging, a significant increase in the time spent by consumers on mobile devices. This forces brands to greater attention in the digital communication phase: you need to do it effectively on this channel as well.

What it means

With this release you have the ability to optimally manage the distribution of elements in your communications, supporting the visualization and  the effectiveness of messages. All this in simplicity and in a few seconds.



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