Email previews also available on the latest Apple clients!

More and more mail clients, webmails and mobile devices on the list of those on which you can view your emails preview, directly within the Marketing Cloud interface, without changing applications and in a matter of seconds.

email previewThe latest additions include:

  • iPhone 12 iOS15
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max iOS15
  • iPhone 13 iOS15
  • iPhone 13 (Dark Mode) iOS15
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max iOS15

So there’s no need to send tests to check how your recipients will see your email communications, each with their own email client, desktop or mobile, or webmail, for the different operating systems. Everything extremely simple and with considerable time savings in creating your campaigns.

You will find the feature already active on the platform with an interesting number of free previews. For customised plans, please contact your contact person in Contactlab.