Technology is nothing without a soul: create successful digital marketing communications

Now that technological innovation has made a full range of tools available to help improve the way you communicate, the natural question is “What do I say? Above all, how do I say it?”

The main goal of every communication is to make the recipient do something in particular… generally, buy your product. Your message must be relevant, include the correct content and be sent to the right person, at just the right time, but most of all, it has to be interesting.

Your message should be engaging enough to entice someone who receives all kinds of promotional communications, every day. It should make them open and read the mail, then carry out the required action, such as clicking a link to your e-commerce site, where they can complete the purchase.

Content marketing, combined with effective copywriting, ensures communication success.

An original, tailored and interesting message will be opened, but to be truly effective, it must also have these characteristics:

  • Simplicity – Being direct is an essential quality of digital marketing. The easier the language is, the more readily people will understand it and remember what the message says.
  • Originality – If the message content is shown in an unexpected way, it will encourage people to read it.
  • Credibility – A good reputation is the basis of every negotiation. Tell the truth in a stimulating way.
  • Emotion – Just selling a product isn’t enough. You also need make your customers understand how good it feels to own it.
  • Storytelling – A narrative has a penetrating effect on someone’s memory, because it generates emotions that help them remember what has been presented.

The following example includes all these characteristics. It is a direct and simple message, which doesn’t even show the product, but it does include an effective and well targeted insight.

digital marketing

From the subject line that asks, “Nothing to wear?” and then effectively responds with the answer, “Not for long!” (here’s the solution), to the Call to Action, the entire message is expressed in a clear and original way.

The next example shows a newsletter that uses storytelling techniques to relate the product message, by replacing certain words with images. It is a humorous and memorable way to:

  1. Make the recipients read the entire content, from beginning to end.
  2. Increase the click rate (the product images are links).
  3. Present products, in this case shoes, in an unconventional way, but one that is relevant to the story’s meaning.

digital marketing

The contents of both messages are not just extracts or remakes of previously existing material. They are original copywritten texts, developed from a concept, and written in a tone that is suitable for both the brand and the audience.

The final example is a re-engagement message for a clothing brand. It uses a soft and ironical tone to re-stimulate dormant contacts. The alternating text creates a joke that involves the reader. The white copy clearly expresses the message, while the black text acts as a response. Both lead recipients naturally to the two Calls to Action, which enable them to decide whether to continue with the subscription, or cancel it.

It is vital that the copy in an email like this is creative and well thought out. If a person reads something amusing, it makes them curious, and increases the probability that they will continue the subscription.

digital marketing

But to communicate a good idea creatively is not enough. You also need to know the brand, its heritage and the target audience. Think of an idea, share it with creative directors and designers, and together create a message that merges images and words to complement each other perfectly.

You have the best ever technology at your disposal. But to make it truly work in an effective way, you need interesting, memorable and inspiring content.

Contactlab doesn’t only provide you with all the most advanced technological tools, enabling you to create unforgettable messages independently, without any experience in informatics. Contactlab also makes professional creative resources available, to ensure successful, effective digital communications.

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