Contacthub Release v.1.53.5

On Thursday 7th June, between 10.30 am and 11.00 am, Hub 1.53.5 will be released.
The main new features include:

  • Explore your database composition

To make this functionality easier to use and the process more natural, segment creation, previously carried out in the Segments section, has been integrated with the Customers section.
By carrying out a Custom Search to identify the customers you are looking for, you can define all the conditions that are needed to generate the appropriate segment.

As a result, segments can be created very easily and quickly, but they cannot be saved or archived in any form.


  • Change the active and displayed Node 

Profiles with access to more than one Node in Hub, can now easily change the selected working or view node in the Settings page. Here, you can also continue to change the Workspace and Language.

The name of the Node you are working on is shown on the pages of the Hub UI, but you can no longer change the one that is selected from there.


No service outage will be caused by the deployment. As precautionary measure, however, we suggest that you do not use Contacthub during the update. Please sign out, then sign in again after the deployment has ended, to enjoy the latest version of the UI.


See Selecting a workspace and node and The Customers management page in Hub guide for more information or contact our Customer Care.