Upcoming news for the Contactlab platform

Summer is here but we don’t slow down! We are working on many updates for this coming Fall, to continue improving your experience with Contactlab and to offer new opportunities for your business.

What’s happening?

  • The Contactlab platform will change it’s name and become Contactsend from July 27th. Prepare to familiarize yourself with the new name and entry point – everything else will remain the same.
  • From July 27th, Contactsend can be found at a new URL. The addresses that you currently use (log in and dmc) will continue to be active for a while.
  • The Contactsend web user interface will be updated to the highest security standards. If you have a very old browser, or an aged operating system that does not support these standards, you will not be able to access the platform anymore. This should concern very few users, but please check whether your system is compatible, by accessing our public preview before July 27th.

If you need support, please contact our Customer Care.

Of course, it doesn’t end here… in the meantime, we wish you a great summer.