Track your customers’ behavior with Google UTM


When you create a marketing delivery, it is essential that you track audience behavior afterwards. In this way, you can ascertain whether, for example, someone clicking a link, or buying something from your e-commerce site, may be the direct result of the delivery.


Imagine you have just sent a newsletter to your customer base, which presents the new spring and summer collection from your e-commerce site. You want to check whether the daily purchases made from there, include ones that are the direct result of the marketing delivery.

Contacthub allows you to track the parameters of a marketing delivery, to identify whether customers undertook particular actions as a result. You can readily track, for example, purchases from your website, or actions such as completing a form and similar.

And now, Contacthub supports Google Analytics UTM. You can readily associate the standard parameters with each event, including utm_source, utm_campaign, utm_medium, utm_term and utm_content.

You can make the association in two ways:

  • Manually, using the Contacthub API.
    If you want to insert the event manually using the API, you can add Google Analytic parameters to the tracking section.
    Click here for an example of inserting events.


  • Automatically, using the JavaScript library provided by Contactlab.
    The JavaScript, which is integrated in the web/e-commerce site, intercepts the campaign parameters that relate to how a customer arrived at the website and then started carrying out particular actions. Every appropriate action is recorded as an event, which includes the relevant delivery parameters.
    The Browser SDK includes an example.

See this tutorial to find out how to capture someone’s web navigation in just a few steps.

Read Contacthub guide for more information or contact the Customer Service.