Analytics Getting Started Guide


Currently, Analytics prepares and writes three MySQL ‘Business View’ tables to MS Azure:

  • Customer.
    Includes the Hub customer profile base properties for individual customers and, if the contact has any results available from Contactdata, the table also contains the algorithm output values from up to the last 12 runs.
  • Digital.
    Includes pre-elaborated data extracted from Send. Audience details for each delivery are also available, including whether they received the message, together with bounce, unsubscribe, opens, clicks and similar information. If the contact has any results available from Contactdata, the email engagement cluster at the time of the event is shown.
  • Transaction.
    Includes transaction events from Hub. A row is included for each line of an order. If the contact has any results available from Contactdata, the email engagement value, CLV, predicted CLV, churn probability and RFM cluster at the time of the event are shown.

Tables can be used together to check the correlation between events.

In the near future, other database management systems and cloud services will be supported, including Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The data is available in near real-time, meaning that as soon as an event is added to Hub or Send, the appropriate Business View table is enriched with the relevant details. In particular, the Analytics Business Views:

  • Enable data to be navigated and easily understood.
  • Provide a clear overview of the database composition.
  • Highlight the impact and performance of  previous deliveries.
  • Enable customer behavior and revenues to be clearly identified.

Using this Getting Started Guide

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Documentation updates

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