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Here, you can learn all about us, explore our solutions, decide which ones best fit your needs and of course, get in touch. We offer a compelling range of products – but more importantly, we provide you with access to the years of experience, development know-how and specialist expertise that combine to form the foundations of our unique and comprehensive platform – specifically designed with the success of your digital marketing campaigns in mind. Success that is best demonstrated by the customers who have already chosen us.

Run and manage effective multi-channel digital campaigns using the Contactlab platform as a service. Unleash your business potential – from creating digital identities to tracking the actions of all of your users – from identifying segments to building personalized messages – from running deliveries to in-depth analysis and detailed reporting. Build and maintain strong and long-lasting relationships, by interacting with your customers. Identify and get close to your users to establish, secure and enhance brand loyalty, share valuable experiences and effectively communicate with your audiences, make your customers feel part of a common journey. Simply put, our Engagement Marketing platform enables you to offer your users a unique and personalized communication experience.

Take control of your customer base: Collect, maintain, update and export their identity data

Create contact segments from your database and plan multi-channel campaigns that are precisely targeted at the identified audience

Directly manage digital messaging campaigns and transactional communications with Contactsend

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