Your deliveries affect your customers’ purchases, but how much?

For some time now, there have been tools and dashboard available on the platform that allow you to understand how your email campaigns are influencing your customers’ purchases.

You can access the Influenced purchases dashboard, analyze if your campaigns are impacting sales and compare the results of two different mailings. Increase the effectiveness of your initiatives and business results.

You have the opportunity to get, per single delivery or as a comparison between two different deliveries:

  • The number of customers contacted by the campaign.
  • The number of customers who received or interacted with your campaign and concluded a purchase in the selected timeframe.
  • The total amount of influenced purchases.
  • A graph showing the distribution of purchases during the defined timeframe.
  • The top five products that have been purchased during the defined timeframe.

Influenced revenuesIn addition, you can visualize data with the following options:

  • Influenced by click.
  • Influenced by view.
  • Who purchased after receiving the delivery

or simply the value of the purchases done by customers who did not receive the campaign.

The platform provides self-service tools to know the returns on your deliveries. But it also offers ideas for further analysis. Contactlab can help you with top-level technology and a team of data experts to read them in depth and discover more information. You can find out what’s not immediately visible and set up contact plans that make the most of your customer relationship.

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