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Email Designer Series
Use your email templates
everywhere in the platform
We're almost there. We've reached the last in this series of articles about the new Email Designer. Your account has been enabled and, together, we have discovered the key features that make the editor easy and fast to use. You have also seen how to create a template. Now, you just need to use the resultant HTML for your emails.

And you can do it without any limits! Email Designer is now available in Send for deliveries, Flow for automations and Plan for your plans. Of course, you can always retrieve the HTML you have created and saved with the editor, modify it as you wish, then send the result to your audience.

Deliver responsive design-based emails from Send

Email Designer in Send
Sign in to Send and create a delivery as usual. Click Email Designer when you want to generate the HTML. Use the editor to select and modify a template, or design a new one, then click Export HTML.
The game is won!

Enrich customer journeys with personalized emails

Email Designer in Flow
When you are adding an Action step to an automation, select Send mail, then click Edit template and choose From Email Designer. Select and modify a template or design a new one. Then click Preview to see small, medium and large versions.

Send tailored HTML using Plan

Email Designer in Plan
Sign in to Plan and click Create new plan. Select the segment then under Action, click Create Mail Delivery in Send. Enter the basic delivery information, then choose From Email Designer. Select and modify a template, or design a new one, then see the preview. FIND OUT MORE

Creating email templates is child's play with Email Designer, and it's even easier to communicate with them, throughout the platform. Why wait any longer? Start using Email Designer yourself, right now.

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