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Contactlab Marketing Cloud
Email Designer Series
Easily create personalized emails,
with drag & drop

You can decide whether to create your own template, modify one of the free ones in your library, or make the most of Contactlab's expertise and creativity.

Whichever starting point you choose, you don't need any HTML knowledge. Your journey with Email Designer will be simple and fast and result in effective and attractive e-mails like never before. But where do you start? Let's work through it together: In Send, go to Create > Email Designer, and we'll make a start.

Click Start from scratch
and begin by building the template structure

Email Designer from scratch
First, we need to create the template's basic framework. Drag items from the right Sidebar and drop them in the Editing panel, to define the columns and rows, as well as their width. Because templates are modular, we can repeat this operation as many times as we want. But remember, simple structures are better received by email audiences.

Insert the
desired content in the template

Email Designer Content
Select the types of content you want to use: Images, text, buttons, videos and so on. You can easily edit everything later. Duplicate the blocks as required, add your own images, or use the free ones in the gallery. Make the template more personal, by adding dynamic fields using special links. Finally, save the template.

Set up a new delivery
and define the custom fields

Email Designer Delivery
Create an email delivery in Send. Complete the various parameters and be sure to enable dynamic text. Select Email Designer, choose one of the templates from your library, then make any required changes to finalize the email's content before sending it.

It's as simple as that but the good news doesn't end there. Very soon, you will be able to access Email Designer templates directly in Flow and Plan.

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