Understanding Contactone

By facilitating a personal, direct, two-way digital relationship between you and your customers, Contactone puts an invaluable clienteling tool right at your fingertips.

Contactone provides you with:

  • A very intuitive and easy-to-understand appNo technical skills or knowledge are required
  • Simple and easy access to individual customer profilesIn the near future, you will be able to enrich the profiles yourself, for example, with information provided by customer as the relationship develops.
  • The ability to create individually tailored messages, before, during or after a store visit, in a matter of secondsYou can easily create a message by applying the appropriate brand template, then combining it with customer-personalized elements and pre-approved, up-to-date prime content.
  • Readily available and up-to-date news about the company, the brand, the products and the services, as well as information about the application itself

Contactone also includes application connectors that ensure you always have the appropriate news, customer information and products to hand, just when you need them. These connectors provide the Contactone app on your iPad or tablet everything that’s needed to both help you create perfect messages, and tangibly increase the relationship’s value for the customer, the brand and you.