Track the links of your email deliveries and know your contacts more! – Plan UI Release v.1.21.3

From September 12th 2019, a new versions of Plan is available.
The release is planned between 2.15 pm and 3.15 pm CEST.


What does this release enable you to do?

FLOW: Tracking linkIn Plan, whenever you create an email delivery, you have the option to choose whether to track the links in your HTML. If imported from the Pagebuilder email editors or Email Designers, or by uploading an external HTML to the platform, the feature appears available on the screen.

All trackable links in the HTML are highlighted by default. You can decide if you want to keep them or if you don’t, just tracking some. Or none all of them.

And then continue with the creation of the delivery.

What does this mean in everyday use?

You have the option to select the links to track for your future analysis. Enrich your post-delivery statistics with data and information on what happened once the email arrived in your contact’s inbox. You can discover his behavior in front of navigational suggestions external to that message and you can better know his interests and curiosities. In addition, you can evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the tips (ie the links) that you reported in the supporting text.