The Triggers management page

Only Admin users can view, access and make changes to the Triggers management pages.

Click Automations > Triggers in the the Sidebar to access the Triggers management page.

The page includes:

  • The Create a new automation button.
    See Configuring a Trigger for more details.
  • A table listing existing automations.
    Enables you to view, activate, and disable automations.

Viewing an existing automation configuration

To view the configuration of an existing automation:

  • Click the appropriate entry in the Triggers list.
    The Triggers configuration page displays, with the name of the trigger as its title.

You can also use this page to modify or delete an automation.

Activating and disabling a Trigger

To activate or disable one or more existing triggers, click the Enabled switch, positioned to the right of the appropriate one in the Triggers list. If the switch is green, the automation is active.