Products wizard page

The Products wizard page   The products wizard page displays, from top to bottom:

  • The name of the repository
  • Individual panels with short descriptions of the products that the repository includes

Filtering the products

If it is possible to filter the products further, the name of the repository is followed by Select category and a downwards facing arrow. To apply a filter to the products:

  • Tap or click the downwards facing arrow and select the appropriate category, for example, men, women, or child.The name of the category displays with an X button, positioned immediately to its right.

The Products wizard page with a category selected   If Select category displays again, you can choose a further subcategory, for example, shoes, trousers, suits and similar. The Products wizard page with multiple categories selected To remove a selected category:

  • Tap or click the X button positioned to the right of the category name

Viewing product details

If you want to view more information about a product, do the following:

  • Tap or click Details.The Details page displays, with the Product details tab selected.Each repository has a defined number and types of field. All repositories include at least Name, Description and Image fields.
  • Tap or click Extended details, if available, to view further information, for example, the product SKU or Barcode
  • When you are finished, tap or click Back to return to the Products page

The Details page, showing the Product details tab

Selecting products

You can select one or more products, however, the actual number you can choose depends on the available templates. Different templates may accept different minimum and maximum numbers of products. To select one or more products on the Products page, to use in your message:

  • Tap or click the associated check or tick marksYou can deselect a product by tapping or clicking its check or tick mark again.

The Products wizard page with a product selected The number of selected products is displayed at the foot of each subsequent wizard page.

  • When you are happy with your selection, tap or click NEXT STEP Templates The Template wizard page displays.