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Email Designer did not go on holiday, new features already available on the platform!

Often the relationship with your customers starts with an email. Being able to design and create attention-grabbing, navigable, easily usable emails, even on mobile, are the key to immediately bringing consumers on board and accompanying them in their choice of your products and services. A great email template can become the key to increasing your conversions and invigorating your business. ...

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LIVE the new single customer view UI!

With the collection and tracking of your customers’ data and behavior, and the multiple touch points and communication opportunities, you have a lot of information. But not all of it is equally useful to your business. You need a marketing platform that can give you access to what you are looking for as quickly as possible, in the best possible way and in just a few steps. ...

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Compare and collate data, don’t just read it. You’ll see unexpected results!

Don’t miss this opportunity to effectively organize, compare and collate the mountains of customer data you collect. Equip yourself with the tools that are capable of exploring your data, visualizing its true meaning and letting you get to know your contacts better, while building long lasting and successful relationships. ...