New release: SOAP API 2.14.0

We are announcing a new API release deployment, v2.14.0.

Thanks to a modified FindSubscriptionsBy method, it is now possible to:

  • Carry out a search based on the SubscriberSourceId
  • Have the subscription webformcode returned as a value

The new getDeliveryFeedback method has also been added, which makes feedback available for a single send immediate delivery.

Other enhancements and minor bug fixes are:

  • Improvements to error handling in the addSubscribers method
  • Corrections to how SubscriberSource is handled, including the setting up of a default qualifier

The release will take place next Thursday, November 3rd, between 10 am and 11 am CET. No service outages are expected during the process.

Further information is available from the developers website.