Let us hear your views!

Contactlab Marketing Cloud

Our main aim is to offer you a customer engagement platform that is increasingly shaped by your needs. And from today it is even easier to do exactly that.

You are now able to write all your suggestions directly in the platform and share them with the Contactlab Marketing Cloud user community.

By accessing your dashboard, you can readily let us know your ideas for bringing the Contactlab platform even closer to your business needs.

As a result, we want to achieve at least two key goals. On one hand, we can engage with the different views on how to improve peoples’ experiences in using the platform. On the other, we can realize new functionality that allows you to interact with your contacts in an immediate, easier and more effective way – enabling you to create long lasting and valuable relationships with them.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Connect now to the Contactlab Marketing Cloud and start writing to us.
And our Customer Service is always there, if you need more information or support.

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